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Exterior of Office Building of The The Law Office of Hummel, Lewis & Davidson, LLP | Attorney And Counselors At Law
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Effective Representation For Land Use And Zoning Matters

The law firm of Hummel, Lewis & Davidson, LLP provides clients with knowledgeable advice and sophisticated representation with regard to residential and commercial developments, including zoning and subdivision and land development applications. We represent developers, builders, homeowners, and municipalities with land use and zoning issues. Our knowledgeable lawyers guide clients through the process, help them resolve disputes quickly and cost-effectively, and protect their interests at every stage.

In addition to development and zoning matters, there is an increased emphasis by municipalities on the enforcement of laws and ordinances relating to building construction, sewage disposal, licensing for student and non-student housing, property maintenance, and building codes. Our attorneys’ experience in drafting and enforcing these laws and ordinances gives us a unique perspective when representing our clients.

Experienced Local Counsel For Land Development

Attorney Rob Davidson, a graduate of Bloomsburg University in land use and environmental planning, has vast experience in all aspects of land development and land use regulations. He is a licensed land surveyor and DEP sewage enforcement officer (SEO) who has worked with both private clients and local governments. Having served as the zoning officer or SEO for Scott, Orange, Jackson, Greenwood and Pine Townships; Millville and Catawissa Boroughs in Columbia County; Derry, West Hemlock and Limestone Townships in Montour County; and Huntington Township in Luzerne County, Mr. Davidson has inside knowledge of the regulatory process and its requirements.

As chief of land use and natural resources for the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Attorney Davidson was the secretary’s representative to the State Planning Board, the Governor’s Interagency Land Use Committee, the Statewide Water Resources Committee, the Governor’s Advisory Council on Rural Affairs, and the State Transportation Advisory Committee. He was also the chair of the Agricultural Lands Condemnation Approval Board (ALCAB), working regularly with DEP, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (DOT) and other state agencies in formulating rules and regulations governing land development.

Our attorneys handle all types of land use and zoning issues, including:

  • The determination of which ordinances and regulations apply to the land and project
  • Subdivision and land development approvals
  • Building and construction permitting
  • Stormwater and erosion and sedimentation control management
  • On-lot and municipal sewage disposal permitting
  • Floodplain development
  • Wetlands permitting and mitigation
  • Variances, special exceptions, and curative amendments
  • Zoning officer appeals
  • Planning, zoning, and rezoning
  • Clean and Green
  • Administrative appeals
  • Appeals in the Commonwealth Court

Contact Us Today To Discuss Your Concerns

If you need representation with regard to development, zoning, or state or local governmental regulatory matters, contact Attorney Rob Davidson at 570-245-6720 or 877-829-8987 to schedule a consultation. You can also send us a message online to get started.