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Protecting Your Driving Privileges In Pennsylvania

If you have been charged with DUI or a serious traffic offense, or if you have accumulated too many minor traffic citations, your driver’s license can be suspended.

Whether you are a college student, a truck driver with a commercial driver’s license, or an average citizen with a class C license, losing your driving privileges is a major inconvenience. At the law office of Hummel, Lewis & Davidson, LLP, in Bloomsburg, we will defend you against the criminal charges and Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) administrative proceedings in an effort to keep or restore your driving privileges.

Attorney Barry Lewis takes cases in Columbia County and Montour County. Many of our clients are students enrolled at Bloomsburg University or Bucknell University or nonresidents cited while traveling through the Bloomsburg area.

Driver’s License Suspension

The PennDOT has the ability to suspend your driving privileges in a separate proceeding from any criminal charges. The PennDOT and local courts are not always on the same page when it comes to license suspension. We have helped clients when an imposed license suspension is greater than allowable by law, or when the PennDOT fails to reinstate the license after the appropriate suspension or revocation period.

If you are convicted of DUI or enter a diversionary program, your license could be suspended anywhere between 30 days and 18 months. We have assisted hundreds of clients to avoid or reduce heavy suspensions. For many people serving suspensions, we have been able to help clients obtain conditional licenses for work-related purposes. If your license has been suspended for an accumulation of points, we can usually obtain an occupational license to permit you to drive to and from work until your driver’s license is fully restored.

Should You Pay The Ticket?

Pennsylvania has a points system for revoking driver’s licenses, and certain traffic violations count toward the suspension of your driver’s license. A conviction, which also includes paying the fine, may also raise your insurance rates. Many states have reciprocal agreements with Pennsylvania, so out-of-state drivers can have their licenses suspended for violations in Pennsylvania.

You should not plead guilty to a traffic violation until you have consulted with an attorney concerning the serious ramifications of doing so. Hummel, Lewis & Davidson, LLP can often negotiate a plea to a charge with either fewer points or no points accumulating on your driving record.

At Hummel, Lewis & Davidson, LLP, we can challenge both minor and major traffic offenses, including:

  • Speeding or traffic light violations
  • Reckless driving or racing
  • Driving with a suspended or revoked license
  • Driving without vehicle insurance
  • Fleeing and eluding police
  • Vehicular homicide

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