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We Can Guide You Through Estate Probate And Administration

The process of estate probate and administration involves the financial and personal outcomes of a person’s entire life. Just as people are unique, their estates and wishes are equally as unique.

At Hummel, Lewis & Davidson, LLP, our lawyers have almost a century of combined legal experience. This experience gives us insight into a variety of issues that can arise during probate, estate administration and more. As a personal representative, trustee, beneficiary or heir, you can rely on our knowledge to navigate through this area of the law.

We Advise Representatives In Their Responsibilities

If you are named as a personal representative or trustee over a family member’s estate, our firm can help you fulfill the appointed duties, including:

  • Gathering assets
  • Paying debts and taxes
  • Distributing inheritance to heirs
  • Final accounting and reporting

We provide efficient, cost-effective guidance to address these responsibilities. For example, we have ample experience in real estate law. Therefore, we can help clients with the difficult challenges of title transfers and liquidating real estate holdings.

If you live out of state, we can handle most matters on your behalf without you needing to travel to Pennsylvania. Hummel, Lewis & Davidson, LLP provides hands-on support so that you can fulfill your duties with minimal impact on your daily life. Our staff uses electronic means to keep you informed during the estate process.

Probate Litigation And Dispute Resolution

Our firm also represents the estate, beneficiaries, excluded heirs, or personal representatives in probate litigation. Whether your case involves a will contest, breach of fiduciary duty, or other issues, we are ready to provide dedicated representation.

Attorney Barry Lewis has more than 25 years of experience in estate administration and probate litigation. He has handled the administration of hundreds of estates, appeared in Orphans Court for cases involving the appointment of executors and administrators, and litigated issues surrounding the disposition of estate assets. Attorney Lewis has also been appointed by the court as an auditor to hear cases when the disposition of assets or the amount of fees charged have been at issue.

Let Us Help You Navigate Through The Process

We can work with you to resolve routine and complex problems in probate and estate administration. Our firm also works with clients to create estate plans that aim to prevent these problems.

For a consultation, call 570-245-6720 or 877-829-8987. You can also email Hummel, Lewis & Davidson, LLP. We can help you settle estates based in Pennsylvania.