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Exterior of Office Building of The The Law Office of Hummel, Lewis & Davidson, LLP | Attorney And Counselors At Law
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Attorneys Who Understand Farms And Agriculture

Farming is more than a business – it’s a way of life. The attorneys at Hummel, Lewis & Davidson, LLP know and understand this. Attorney Barry Lewis leases his farm for forage and small grain production. Attorney Rob Davidson’s Dorset flock produces a crop of lambs annually, and his daughters have shown lambs with 4-H at the Bloomsburg Fair. Mr. Davidson is the chair of the Pennsylvania Bar Association Agricultural Law Committee and is a member of the board of directors of the Columbia County Farm Bureau.

Attorney Davidson’s commitment to farming and agriculture runs deep, having served as the chief of Land Use and Natural Resources for the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and special assistant to the secretary of agriculture. In these roles, he worked with concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO) and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits, agricultural conservation easements, the Clean and Green program, attorney general reviews of local regulations under Agriculture, Communities, and Rural Environment (ACRE) law, the Agricultural Security Areas Law, and the Right to Farm Act. He developed the Pennsylvania Agriculture Mediation Program, as well as the Center for Farm Transitions, which provides farmers with information not only on transitioning to the next generation but also to new and different crops and rural enterprises to diversify the farm. Attorney Davidson is recognized by the International Farm Transition Network as a farm succession coordinator.

As former legal counsel for AgChoice Farm Credit, attorney Davidson worked with farmers and agribusinesses in securing financing for their operations and in developing business plans for their operations that included succession and transition considerations. His legal career has been devoted to agriculture and the success of farmers.

Farm Succession And Transition

The needs of farmers and agribusiness are changing. We know that issues affecting livestock farms may not be the same as those affecting a specialty crop producer. While small grain farmers may face similar production contract issues as poultry producers, they often also have to deal with the landowners of the farms they rent.

Ensuring that your farm will continue to be operated by your children and grandchildren is often a goal for many farmers. We can advise on strategies for transitioning the farm and providing retirement incomes that are unique to farms. Our plans can serve as the roadmap to multigenerational farming.

Our Wide Range Of Agricultural Services

Hummel, Lewis & Davidson, LLP provides counsel in many areas of agricultural law, including:

  • Preparing succession and transition plans
  • Establishing LLCs or other appropriate business organizations to manage and protect farms
  • Drafting operating agreements and farm manager contracts
  • Assisting with employee agreements and H-2A Visas
  • Obtaining zoning approval for changes in operations, including CAFOs, confined feeding operations (CFOs), and agribusiness
  • Agritourism and agritainment agreements, approvals, and operations
  • Defending zoning appeals
  • Assisting with obtaining NPDES, CAFO, and CFO permits
  • Defending livestock farms from CAFO and CFO permit challenges
  • Defending farm nuisance and Right to Farm Act cases
  • Working with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the conservation districts to resolve environmental and wetland violations
  • Drafting and negotiating farm leases
  • Crop insurance disputes
  • Purchase and sale of farms and related equipment and facilities
  • Natural gas leases and pipeline easements
  • Solar farm leases
  • Boundary disputes
  • Timber contracts

Put Our Team To Work For You

At Hummel, Lewis & Davidson, LLP, you have access to attorneys who understand the needs of farms and farmers. We serve agricultural businesses throughout northeastern and north-central Pennsylvania. You can arrange a consultation to discuss your needs by calling 570-245-6720 or 877-829-8987 or using our online form.