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Are drug courts a viable option for someone facing charges?

On Behalf of | May 11, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

In Pennsylvania, a drug related criminal charge can lead to consequences such as fines and incarceration. Some counties in Pennsylvania have created what is referred to as “drug courts” as an alternative to the traditional sentencing.

For many years, drug courts have helped individuals struggling with substance abuse disorders who are also facing criminal charges. Drug courts help these individuals obtain and maintain the right treatment.

The drug court process typically involves frequent meetings, court hearings, random drug screening, and treatment. Counseling to uncover the underlying causes of someone’s substance abuse disorder is often an important part of the process.

The ultimate goal is for an individual to achieve sobriety and learn the skills necessary to remain sober after exiting the program. Drug court can vary by county; however, if an individual successfully completes the drug court process, they may avoid a criminal conviction or be given the opportunity to have the charges reduced.

There are nuances of the drug court process and not all offenses will quality for the program. For those who wish to learn more about drug courts, contacting a qualified criminal defense attorney who can help explain the process is advised.