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How a DUI can impact your college student’s future

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

We live in a world where nearly every college student has access to Uber, Lyft and a cell phone to call for a ride when needed. Still, about nearly 2,000 college students die from alcohol each year – many of which are the result of drinking and driving.

Everybody knows the risks associated with drinking and driving, including a driving under the influence (DUI) conviction on their record. But the harsh consequences of a DUI are not only felt by college students if they lose their driver’s license or pay fines – they may also face unique penalties as a student.

If your college student is convicted of a DUI, they may endure the following:

  • Difficulty getting a job that requires licensure: If your child is hoping to become a lawyer or nurse, they may have a hard time with a DUI on their record.
  • Difficulty finding a job after graduation: Even if your child isn’t pursuing a job that requires licensure, they could struggle to find a job after they graduate. Some jobs, such as those with the military or government, may disqualify a candidate if a DUI appears on their background check.
  • Lose their scholarship: Students are likely to lose a scholarship from the federal government after a DUI conviction. If they received a scholarship from a private business, the business may revoke it depending on their standards.
  • Lose their on-campus housing: College housing policies may not allow those with DUI convictions to reside on campus, and if your child also loses their driver’s license, they may have a hard time getting to class.
  • Expulsion: This is a worst-case scenario. Oftentimes, students agree to a code of conduct when they attend college. A DUI conviction breaks that code and, therefore, provides grounds for dismissal.

Remember that these penalties are situational and depend on your student’s college, as well as their unique situation. If your child has recently been charged with a DUI, you might consider contacting a criminal defense attorney to represent your situation.