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One college party could have a profound affect

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

Every year, high school graduates begin attending colleges throughout the state of Pennsylvania in the hopes of pursuing a meaningful degree. As a parent, you probably feel intensely proud of your young adult, and obtaining a degree hopefully means a successful career in their future.

There are many aspects to college life other than academics that students find enjoyable. Many young adults are entering the college world unsupervised and away from home for the first time. Sadly, some make poor decisions with lasting consequences. Attending college parties that often involve drinking, and even drug experimentation, is one example.

Experimenting with substances can lead to criminal charges

Alcohol consumption at college parties is far from anything new. People have been partaking in “frat parties” and other gatherings for decades.

Some college students simply experiment with alcohol at parties. For others, alcohol drinking gets out of hand and ends up becoming a problem. Some opt to drive home only to get pulled over by police and face a driving under the influence or other charges.

Pleading guilty 

A college student facing a criminal charge may think pleading guilty and getting the issue over with is the best course of action. However, students often face disciplinary proceedings from their school, including the loss of a sponsorship, and some may even face expulsion. A guilty plea can also affect eligibility for private scholarships and can have an impact on government-sponsored student aid.


Some students convicted of a crime may be able to stay in school and graduate. However, post-graduation, they will likely have hurdles to overcome that have nothing to do with Court fines or jail time. A criminal record can and does affect job opportunities, as well as housing prospects.

If you find yourself facing any type of criminal charge as a college student, it’s vital to take action immediately. Do not plead guilty to anything before consulting with a legal professional. An attorney knows the law and your rights.