Dedication And Hard Work For Clients Facing DUI Charges

Facing a DUI charge is a frightening experience — whether it is the first time you are pulled over for a Breathalyzer or you are facing charges for a second or third DUI. At Hummel, Lewis & Smith, LLP, our attorneys understand that anyone can make a mistake. Too often, really bad things happen to great people, including young adults or teenagers who may not understand the serious, life-altering consequences imposed as result of drinking and driving.

The penalties for a DUI include probation, large fines, safety school, and programs or rehab for alcohol and drug use. You can eventually lose your right to drive, have restricted driving privileges, through the interlock program, or spend time in prison.

We Believe Everyone Deserves A Second Chance

We aim to help clients get the best results for their case, and their life. Sometimes, a diversion program can help mitigate your sentence and stop a problem before it becomes an addiction to drugs or alcohol. If a rehabilitation program is the right thing for you or a loved one, we have the resources to help you.

Many times, we can help first-time offenders of a certain alcohol or drug-related crime earn acceptance into the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD). This program would take the place of jail time and other penalties.

Once you complete the program, your drunk driving charges can be erased from your record.

Students Do Not Deserve To Lose Their Future

Along with rehabilitation and diversionary programs, there are alternatives for young adults and teenagers. In some cases, our lawyers can obtain a dismissal of underage drinking charges through the Youthful Offenders Program.

We represent minors and college students facing any alcohol-related charge, including underage drinking, DUI and possession of a fake ID.

We Know The System And How To Fight Charges

Our lead criminal defense attorney, Barry Lewis, served as a police officer for 10 years and knows how the other side thinks. With the experience to defend DUI crimes and a commitment for helping students and adults get back on their feet, Hummel, Lewis & Smith, LLP, is the firm you want when you are facing DUI charges.

Our team will work to:

  • Strategize on all possible defenses
  • Focus on lowering your sentences to avoid jail
  • Avoid or reduce any license suspension
  • Examine probable cause regarding the traffic stop
  • Review breath and blood test results

With our strong insight into the process and 130 years of combined legal experience, we provide an aggressive force for your case defense. Our team knows how prosecutors have acted during past cases, what evidence has weak points to attack, and what to expect at your trial.

Take Immediate Action Against Your DUI Charges

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